Ilford Delta 100 is a black and white film that has been widely recognized for its exceptional image quality and versatility. It is a popular choice for professional and amateur photographers who want to capture stunning monochrome images with fine details, high sharpness, and excellent tonality.

The film is manufactured by Ilford Photo, a British company that has been producing black and white photographic materials for over a century. It is available in different formats, including 135, 120, and large format sheets.

One of the key features of Ilford Delta 100 is its fine grain structure, which makes it ideal for producing large prints without compromising image quality. It also has a high resolving power that enables it to capture even the smallest details, making it suitable for various photographic applications, from landscape and architecture to portrait and still life.

Another notable characteristic of Ilford Delta 100 is its wide exposure latitude. This means that it can handle a range of lighting conditions and still produce excellent results. It also has a high contrast range, allowing photographers to achieve deep blacks and bright whites in their images.